Sierra Leone Update – July


Love of God Primary School was established in 2009 to improve the standard of education of the less fortunate children, vulnerable orphans and street children living in Calaba Town in Sierra Leone who cannot afford to attend the local government school.  The School is located in the eastern area of Freetown in an area called Calaba Town.  This is a difficult area to live in with very limited electricity supply, a few public taps for the population to collect water and minimal sanitation facilities. 

The school was co founded by Hilton S. Kamara.  Hilton has a Higher Teachers Certificate and has six years of teaching experience at both secondary and primary school level.  There is one other qualified teacher, Elizabeth Lassayo, teaching class two who has twelve years of teaching experience.  There are also two teaching assistants.  The school is seeking accreditation from the Ministry of Education.

Hilton founded the school to support children in the local area who cannot afford to attend the local government school.  The school has 110 pupils who are currently enrolled in the school.  There are four areas that are used as class rooms to house four classes with pupils ranging from ages 4 to 11 years of age.  The school was previously an open structure with no protection from the elements.  The structure is now provided with a degree of protection as Scotia Aid donated funds to allow a zinc roof and walls made entirely from zinc which was donated by Scotia Aid.


The school opened in August 2010. It recruits talented young athletes and works with them to produce football players who are well-rounded, inspirational role models. Five-year scholarships are given to children aged 11-13 who live, study and train at its facilities. Five year scholarships are awarded to children aged 11 to 13 who are selected from an extensive national recruitment process, ensuring that children from across Sierra Leone are afforded the same opportunity to make their dreams come true.

The Academy is a fully residential international school and boasts the country’s best full-size grass football pitch. The school is located on a 15-acre site in Tombo, Sierra Leone’s largest fishing village, surrounded by lush green mountains overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Craig Bellamy is a recent addition to the Scotia Aid family and the charity has pledged to provide:


  • 10 School Dining Tables
  • 70 School Dining Chairs
  • 64 single classroom desks or 32 double classroom desks
  • 64 classroom chairs
  • 4 Teacher Desks
  • 4 Teacher Chairs
  • 10 Office Desks
  • 10 Office Chairs
  • 8 White Boards
  • 10+ Notice boards
  • 4 book cases for classrooms
  • Larger Bookcases for Library space
  • Filing cabinets
  • 16 Bunk Beds

School Supplies

  • Math Equipment (Scientific calculators, geometry sets, large teaching geometry sets for teaching, rulers, etc)
  • Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Thesaurus’, etc


  • Reading books for boys aged between the ages of 7 and 15.
  • Teaching aids/guides.


I was a guest at the Holy Family School to celebrate the completion by pupils of Junior Secondary School.  This is the first four years of education after primary school.  The school provided music, food and entertainment for the pupils.  There were also speeches from the head teacher and parents’ representative.  Due to the pubescent stage the pupils are at, the parents’ representative highlighted the need for the pupils to be aware of the dangers of unprotected sex namely aids.  I was also asked to present to the pupils and so reinforced the previous speaker’s message and highlighted the need for the pupils particularly the females to work hard and have the confidence to achieve.  It was a pleasure to meet the current head girl who is of Sierra Leone/Ghanian origin.  Chantal has been brought up in a single parent household with four other siblings in one of the poorest areas of Freetown.  She is now  planning to study information technology at the largest university in Sierra Leone, Fouray Bay.  A fantastic example of what can be achieved with determination and support from an exemplary school and family.

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